Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wow, so much has happened since my last post!

It has been a defining year in The Freeman household and we are not even close to it being over. To be honest with everyone, I don't think the random acts of chaos in our life have been all bad, although most would consider them that way. Our life, The Freeman's, is FULL of chaos but for some reason the calm always seems to come during the chaos and I must say it teaches us to be resilient...OK enough of the positive sentiment. So what has happened since June 11th 2010? Well for starters our house fire, which most of you know about, but all I can say is we are very fortunate for the way things happened, b/c Kent was able to get all the Boy's out safely(I was out of town on business and am thankful for the people I was with that night b/c that was an interesting phone call to get). Anyway, in the chaos we have been overwhelmed with help, before I even realized what we needed we had a friend, Carrie, looking for a house for us to rent, USAA our insurance company was there first thing in the morning before I even got home(THEY ARE AMAZING), everything was put in motion and things have been good so far. So, the boys are doing great, June 26th Colin turned 4, he is such a riot and I think everyone will agree he is HILARIOUS! Everything about him is funny:), Cole started crawling, talking more and WALKING, he is a chunky monkey and since the fire no longer has the luxury of having mommy's milk so has gained a good 5lbs at least on formula and Connor, our big boy, started Kinder and LOVES IT....we miss our home, but things are moving along and hopefully we will be back in soon. OH....and we went on a family VACA!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a blast, and my mom joined us, and was a HUGE help! I hope you enjoy the pics and till next time, hopefully it will be calm:)

I did dress all the boys the same on vaca(they are easier to find), so no comments on that:) And I know, I DO HAVE THE CUTEST BOYS IN THE WORLD.

The Freeman's

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