Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wow, so much has happened since my last post!

It has been a defining year in The Freeman household and we are not even close to it being over. To be honest with everyone, I don't think the random acts of chaos in our life have been all bad, although most would consider them that way. Our life, The Freeman's, is FULL of chaos but for some reason the calm always seems to come during the chaos and I must say it teaches us to be resilient...OK enough of the positive sentiment. So what has happened since June 11th 2010? Well for starters our house fire, which most of you know about, but all I can say is we are very fortunate for the way things happened, b/c Kent was able to get all the Boy's out safely(I was out of town on business and am thankful for the people I was with that night b/c that was an interesting phone call to get). Anyway, in the chaos we have been overwhelmed with help, before I even realized what we needed we had a friend, Carrie, looking for a house for us to rent, USAA our insurance company was there first thing in the morning before I even got home(THEY ARE AMAZING), everything was put in motion and things have been good so far. So, the boys are doing great, June 26th Colin turned 4, he is such a riot and I think everyone will agree he is HILARIOUS! Everything about him is funny:), Cole started crawling, talking more and WALKING, he is a chunky monkey and since the fire no longer has the luxury of having mommy's milk so has gained a good 5lbs at least on formula and Connor, our big boy, started Kinder and LOVES IT....we miss our home, but things are moving along and hopefully we will be back in soon. OH....and we went on a family VACA!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a blast, and my mom joined us, and was a HUGE help! I hope you enjoy the pics and till next time, hopefully it will be calm:)

I did dress all the boys the same on vaca(they are easier to find), so no comments on that:) And I know, I DO HAVE THE CUTEST BOYS IN THE WORLD.

The Freeman's

Friday, June 11, 2010

I know, I stink at updates...but I am BUSY!!!

Here are a few pictures of the boys recently, Cole is now 6mths and seriously freaking adorable, for real! He is happy as can be and not a sleeper AT ALL, but besides that he is my sweet, baby with the biggest dimples I have ever seen. Connor turned 6 this week, and he is my cool guy, he just graduated from Pre-K/Kindergarten and is so excited to start big boy school. He is so smart, so, so, so smart and the best big brother. Colin, o-man, Colin is my comedian, he cracks us up all day long! I am determined to make a video montage of him one morning, it could be 20 seconds long and everyone would laugh, I love that boy! His b-day is in a few weeks and he will be 4, time flies!
Kent and I are staying busy with the boys and work!
Enjoy the pics!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Been a awhile

It has been awhile and we are doing wonderful! I am now in my 3rd trimester with our sweet baby, Cole. The boys are SO excited to have a baby brother and are absolutely sweet. We have so many funny stories, but Connor has become my protector and will get onto me and anyone else with a " huh, she is PREGNANT" when I try to do something I am not supposed to, like last night when I tried to do a backwards roll...not a good result but it was funny for those watching.

Our house, is getting close, we are now looking at Oct...which is MUCH better then Nov and we are so excited.

We FINALLY went on our first mini vaca with the boys, and it was a blast!! The boys were amazing and had so much fun, we went swimming, the waterpark, the beach, Kent and Connor went jet skiing, drove to Austin and went to the Children's museum, and watched the bats. We are off to San Antonio at the end of the month to visit our Family...YAY, and of course Sea World. Life has been busy!

We have so much to do before Cole gets here, but the boys are keeping everything so entertaining I have up until recently forgotten about all the stress I should be is now hitting hard though! I am in travel season for work, but should wind down soon....there has got to be size limits on the planes hehehe.

Till next time enjoy the pics, one is their 3 and 5 year old pics and the other a short slideshow of the last few months!

Monday, June 15, 2009

And we are off...

Since I broke the news we are expecting another bundle of joy so much has happened. We have officially moved into our apartment, which we LOVE, sold our house, celebrated Connor's 5th birthday,and the boys started a new school. I love our boys, and they are absolutely the best of friends!

On the baby front, all is well! We are absolutely as HAPPY as can be at the news that this new little bundle looks like it is a BOY!!! We will get 100% confirmation in a few weeks, but everything is looking very boyish so far, they are about 85% sure.

Enjoy the pics, and until next time....Colin's birthday I am sure! The video is of Connor, who is our little track star, seriously the kid is fast and the video does not do him justice. Kent thinks I am scared to race him b/c he will beat me, give me a little credit I am not the slowest chick on the block, but he is pretty stinkin' fast!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Big News

It has been awhile, and my how things have changed! A quick update of the not so big news is Colin got his cast off and is doing wonderful, we have decided to move and are building a house in the Plano area and currently have our house on the market...which stinks! We have been staying busy to say the least. In the mix of all the chaos Kent and I received what may very well may be the biggest surprise of our lives, which is absolutely not a reach. We found out we will be expecting a new little addition to our family! Yep, we are preggers, hahaha, I know it is comical, but we really can't keep it boring around here! We are due 12/5 but are expecting a Thanksgiving baby....and we have confirmed it is only ONE!!! Although we were both overwhelmed with the news, we are excited about the new addition to the family and can't wait to meet the little boy or bets are on a boy as I have pretty goods odds. I have also included some pics of our boys from the last few months, they are very excited and Connor has informed us he wants a BIG sister, and Colin thinks the baby is hiding in my tummy.
Till next time!

The Freemans, almost a party of 5

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Feb has been interesting!

So Jan/Feb have been a challenging few months in the Freeman say the least. We have battled Colin with Strep, Colin with a double ear infection, Connor having the flu, Connor having phenomonia, Mommy having the flu and Colin's broken leg...when it rains, it appears to just keep on raining, at least in my house!

Both boys appear to be on the mend, Connor is doing much better, and Colin's leg is on the mend and he gets his cast of this week. What a trooper that boy, he has not stopped once and never complains, although his running style has changed.

We have been busy to say the least and I have been traveling a lot lately, but it has been well worth it on the work front! Kent has done an amazing job taking care of the boys while I am away. Of course when I am home, I am knee deep in DRAMA(at least that is what my boss(Henry) refers to my life as). We have had a quite past 2 weeks and have enjoyed spending time with our amazing boys. They are an absolute blessing, and are our entertainment most of the time. We have been busy the last few weekends with going out with friends(the pic above of Connor's girlfriend and him is sooooo cute!), the car show and playing outside...although this Texas weather is interesting as always. I have become an expert recently building tents for the boys inside the house, which is something I am proud of considering I am a girl! In a household of all boys, you tend to pick up a lot!

On a sad note, Kent's Gran-Pat passed away this morning, what a wonderful man and amazing life he lived! We will miss him dearly, but will always remember what a great man, Gran-Pat and Great-Gran Pat he was.

I hope all is well with everyone!

The Freeman's

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I stink at this Blog thing, but X-mas and then some!

So, it has been awhile and I thought I would at least post a few pics from our X-mas. The boys were amazing and loved Santa! They are at such a great age, which makes it fun for mom and dad! We have been sick for the last few months, just taking turns but hopefully the end to this madness will end soon. I have been traveling a LOT, which to me is an understatement, and Kent has been doing great with daddy duty. Besides that we are gearing up for warm weather season one of these days, b/c 2 boys in a house for an extended period of time ='s DISASTER!!!
Till next time!